Contained in a Frame

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Captured and contained in this frame, are delicate petals, crowning thorny stems, set against a shadowy tree-laced sky. At first glance, I saw the natural beauty for what it is: magnificence. Eyes full of wonder, I startled a bird with my audible sigh. Despite my praising of nature’s perfection, shortsighted was my thinking, for the bigger picture, I almost missed.

More time to focus and take it all in; a new picture emerged: all of humanity contained in this frame. Like delicate petals, individuals, no matter how insecure or shy, need to be seen as they attempt to bloom, and they must be in balance with their environment if they are to thrive. To display their full natural beauty is how the egoless species survives. Like flowers, humans are a blend of fragile and strong and welcoming and defensive. Maybe inferior without our human minds, but flowers are connected to…

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