Mws R Writings

Just Is by MwsR

Torment, well it use to be

But sometimes things aren’t easy for me

So torment was replaced with residue

Residue of time spent with you.

Like a disaster but not a fatal one

Only one that leaves you broken and undone.

Sense of it makes no sense

Thoughts from it, leave you in suspense.

A time perhaps you’d like to erase

One that shattered that smile you had on your face.

Toil not over things that don’t matter

Matter only for things that make you better.

Knowledge comes from lessons that you go through

They teach us and help us to.

So as for me, I will change with my emotions,

And stay away from commotion.

I’ll remember what needs to be

I’ll do it not for you but me.

This will be a step towards my healing inside

One that leaves me seeing all that’s…

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