Do the Right Thing

Poesy plus Polemics

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devil or angel
each voice in my ear
how to judge
unaccustomed advice

both messengers
carry a deity’s
answer to prayer
one has virtue
the other pretends
one is blessed
the other condemned

fingers crossed
have no power
the coin toss
no true guarantee

all I know to be
mortally certain
is I must take
action immediately
in the now of the end
I’ve no choice but
to follow my heart

as I’ve done
through my life
with no voice in my ear
save the human ones
memories spoken
by actions of those
whom I’ve loved

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The beauty and the sea…


The beauty and the sea…

You saved me. You waited for me by the blessed Pacific ocean and you turned to me. You looked at me with your sea blue eyes and I knew. My world led me to hell and back. I allowed the naysayers, haters and liars to control my world. You embraced me, held my head against your breasts and you sang to me.

“Sad soldier,
please don’t bleed no-more,
deadly world is far away,
we have found the sea,
we have found forgiveness.
Allow me and the sea to heal your black heart.
We will learn the Gypsy prayer,”

“Pray we have just enough,
don’t steal from or abuse nature,
be kind,
fair to each other.
Walk easy on the sands of time.”

I looked up into her eyes of kindness,
of perfect valleys where love expand and grow.
I told her, thank you…

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Never enough whiskey, she told me…


 Never enough whiskey, she told me…

Pretty girl drank alone, once we great lovers and now we have become strangers seeking nothing.

I told her, damn taverns are the place to die, dear Julia, can’t swim in shit forever.

She looked at me with sad eyes and she whispered. Poet, dream weaver, once you told me. I was your life, your only reason to be alive, you love me more then your own life. You left me for you war, saw 40 countries and you had drank, sins and did the soldier dance. I learn a year ago, never enough whiskey to heal the heart.

I whispered to her ear, my wild rose. I told you I would break your heart. Life is a dangerous dance. We must lie and we must die. Each of us are swimming in our own waste. You were a Hemingway’s wish and most of…

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Beautiful Lara Fabian song and a poem…


 Choose what you love…


Enjoy your life,

life wait for no-one.

Create pretty photos for the heart.

Dance with your beloved,

show the children the beauty of the sea and the forest.

Be the kind voice,

be the one,

where the family and friends can come to,

feel safe.

Choose what you love,

love what you do.

Better to live for love then to die for things we didn’t need.

I pray in 2022, we learn.

Every child is a light of hope.

We learn,

no-one win in war, except contractors.

Our children, our true wealth.

I pray we stand against hunger, against hate and racism.

I pray our governments,

send food, water and medicine to places in need.

Please choose the road you love.

Make every new day, a blessing.

Dancing Coyote

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I saw the sun in your eyes…


 I saw the sun in your eyes…

You and I,

we are dancing by the Monterey Bay,

I am singing words of love for you.

You asked me, Johnnie, why did you save me?

You were swimming in confusion and you taught me to laugh and to sing again.

I told her, I love your face, I love when your hair is wild and free, I love when your hair

is tightly in a bunn.

I love when you sing lullabies to me in the midnight hours and I love how your mouth moved

when you talk.

She laughed at my words and she smiled. She told him, you are the sweetest man, you love my

imperfections. You make me feel worthwhile and care for.

I told her, you bewitched my heart every time I look at your face,

I see the sun in your eyes and you make everyday…

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