Understanding Narcissism & Narcissistic Parenting

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Today I would like to expand on the subject of Narcissism; a subject often misunderstood.

Franco Volpi; a philosopher and historian; wrote “Tell me who you see when you look at yourself on the mirror, and I will tell you what philosophy of life you live by”.

We all know the myth of Narcissus; a beautiful young man, whom was desired by nymphs, women and men, yet to him there was only one love….himself. There are many variations of the myth; however, the above quickly resolves the heart of it. Modernly, we use the term quite loosely and hence I thought it would be good to clarify what Narcissism actually means.

It was on the 8th century within the writings of Ovid; writings of impeccable poetry put together under the tittle “Metamorphosis” where the myth of Narcissus first became widely exposed (The Metamorphoses is an 8 AD Latin narrative poem…

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