Something is wrong with me… A Bukowski verbal poem too…


Something is wrong with me.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Bukowski had stole my soul. "

Something is wrong with me….

Something is wrong with me. I am like a Bukowski poem gone wrong.

Bukowski told us, do what you love, even if you must be alone, you must go hungry, be homeless and know hard days. Go all the way or just become a mountain that don’t move.

I have become the mountain now, never moving, accepting life as-is.

Once I wanted to save my world, write the great novel and live near the sea.

I befallen and I can’t find my real face.

I feel I am becoming more stone and rock than human skin.

Once I drank to feel alive, once I sought war to know I was alive.

Love was never my strength, patience is my enemy and kindness is forgotten.

Bukowski would tell me. “You did…

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Remembering Emily Dickinson…


Dear Emily

I believe, few knew you well dear Emily. Your wrote 1600 poems and left a blank page of understanding of you, for the reader. I believe, you wrote poetry in dreams. You saw yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“Because I could not stop for Death –
He kindly stopped for me –
The Carriage held but just Ourselves –
And Immortality.”
― Emily Dickinson

“The Heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care”
― Emily Dickinson

They dropped like flakes, they dropped like stars,
Like petals from a rose,
When suddenly across the lune
A wind with fingers goes.

They perished in the seamless grass,–
No eye could find the place;
But God on his repealless list
Can summon every face

Emily Dickinson

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Cocoa Beach…


Cocoa Beach

I received a phone call. Sweet Peggy called and asked. Please come to see me. I live in Cocoa beach and I’m very lonely. I need a friend.

I heard in her voice. She was hanging on a thread. She wanted everything and wanting nothing in the same minute. Once a beauty with the world at her feet. She learn love was twist and turns leading to corridors of bad decisions. She had learn, she had few true friends and love was very costly.

I told I would come. I felt the sadness and loneliness in her voice. Poor Peggy laid alone. Curl-up with her pillow upon a bed of solitude wishing she had held on to one lover.

She cries alone and pray now for miss voices. Pretty Peggy found sleep remembering sweet and kind lovers.

Peggy asked me. Please come dear Johnnie. Cocoa Beach is warm…

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You are my ocean…


You are my ocean

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" I need the Pacific Ocean. I need the sound of the sea. I need to find my mind "



Joanna Beal(Thank you Tumblr)

                  You are my ocean…

My first love was the sea. Uncontrolled and free.

I danced with her, as a child. I fell into her waves and I felt the

safety of her power and strength.

Today by the Pacific. I traced your sun-kissed skin my love.

I fell into your blue eyes, wild and free. Made me find old places,

where I was once wild and free. You stirred up old dreams and we dance

for midnight moon. You are my ocean and last sweet dream.    

     Coyote/John Castellenas

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The light and the darkness…


The light and the darkness

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" When love take over our mind. We will taste sweetness, we shall taste bitterness. Light and darkness, we shall know. "

coyotepoetrebloggeduna-lady-italiana(Thank you Tumblr)


                  the light and the darkness…

You told me. The black heart, too dark and cold for love. Is just barren soil. Nothing can live in soil swimming in the blood of heartache and disappointment. Love can degrade us, love can delight us. Us mortals believe we are the only ones who had lived and died. The light and the darkness of love can make us know the gallery of the colors of wild love and long dances. What is true is plain and simple. Love grow rampage when love stayed and hold on.

I watched you dancing nude to the words of Leonard Cohen. You fall to lonely chair and I digest perfect…

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Jazzy Wednesday poetry….


Jazzy Wednesday poetry..

1- I told her she was so damn pretty. I love those eyes of coffee brown. I had watched her dance alone. Tight black dress, strong legs and robust body made me wish for something I didn’t need. She asked me. Johnnie be good, Johnnie be bad. Good boys go to heaven and the bad boys go anywhere they please. Are you my bad, bad Johnnie tonight? I told her, we have whiskey, the Jazz, so sweet, so good. You are looking so good. I believe you and I. We love the sin, we love the whiskey and we love the liar’s prayer. If you want dear Sophia. I will go where you want me to be. She smiled, kissed me long and hard. She whispered. Us hell-bound people need safe haven. You and I. Just greedy, always wanting more and more. Can we find peace? I…

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