Poem: Abiding Minds by Mark Tulin

Come and Enjoy Mark’s poem!!!

Crow On The Wire

At the edge of the jetty,
I rest on a flat rock
with shivering bones
and eyes that water

Like a resting bird,
I sit in peace
while the sea around me
speaks in windblown words
and broken sails,
ships beached and capsized

On a tide of choppy energy,
nature takes many strange turns,
eluding peace, expanding space
before the universe wakes
from its nightmare

Only pelicans fly in a straight line,
abiding minds gliding,
skimming the shimmery surface—
those teachers of the sea
with a marvelous intuition,
grasp more of life’s lessons.

Abiding Minds was first published on Spillwords.com.

“Abiding Minds” is in my poetry collection Rain on Cabrillo.

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