The flight of love…


The flight of love

(Love is like a garden. You must plant the love. You must water and protect the love.
You must watch and care so the love is maintained and strong. Love is like the wildflowers.Cannot be controlled and is giving freely when the heart is healthy and content.)

I told the young man in the Austin Tavern. Many kind of sin my friend.
The worst sin is to forget love. Can’t rekindle dead and forgotten love.

The sloth in the emotion of love can’t undo a kind and sweet woman heart.

Arrogance seldom birth wisdom. Better to be wise and create a fortress of a thousand
tokens of love. Need sweet words, long and deep kisses and many slow dances. A wise
man create turbid waves where night falls into morning. Faithful lovers yearn to be entangled,thrilled and fall into the chaos of wild passion.

The sins…

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