The ache

Tea & Transparency

The canvas in my mind is blank.

I lack a muse to inspire and infuse feeling and poetry.
I cannot marry them together like I used to.
Right now,
it is all malice and mystery.
It is all ‘I hate my body,
and it hates me.’

What did I do wrong?

As my motivation hits an iceberg,
my get up and go has
got up and gone.

What did I do wrong?

These are my days
but they don’t feel like they are mine.

As I fight to live a life free from pain
I will be the one that softly weeps

you’ll still have honey in your eye.

Featured image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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Photographer Unknown

Every day
She would reflect upon her life
Of what others thought
Matters, that only caused strife

And decided for herself
There were only a few 
Memories, she hoped would remain
To set her apart from what they knew

Humor, grace, and wit
Along with her vices
However, do not let them only say
She, was just "Nice"

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The flight of love…


The flight of love

(Love is like a garden. You must plant the love. You must water and protect the love.
You must watch and care so the love is maintained and strong. Love is like the wildflowers.Cannot be controlled and is giving freely when the heart is healthy and content.)

I told the young man in the Austin Tavern. Many kind of sin my friend.
The worst sin is to forget love. Can’t rekindle dead and forgotten love.

The sloth in the emotion of love can’t undo a kind and sweet woman heart.

Arrogance seldom birth wisdom. Better to be wise and create a fortress of a thousand
tokens of love. Need sweet words, long and deep kisses and many slow dances. A wise
man create turbid waves where night falls into morning. Faithful lovers yearn to be entangled,thrilled and fall into the chaos of wild passion.

The sins…

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Drunk man calling…


Drunk man calling

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Funny how we remember faces and places when alcohol open the door to memories. "

       Drunk man calling…

It is 3 am in the morning. Your beautiful memory appeared in my mind.
I remembered your beautiful face when I’m falling down.
When the night is cold and lonely and the good alcohol is tearing down walls of safety.
I wished to hear your voice whispering “You are not alone Johnnie. I love you and I will never leave you.”

Men who live in limbo find places to hide and find peace.
When old Jack Daniels is your only friend. The torment of gentle touches,
the thousands smiles and kisses shared haunt your life. What is left?

I called sweet Daniela at 4 am. Kind and sweet Daniela answered her phone.
She knows Johnnie had remembered her again. Her gentle voice asked me.

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Tender loving care….


Tender loving care

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Real love is given without the desire of reward. "

                                     Tender loving care…

She had big blue eyes. She sat on my lap at the college party in Marquette, Michigan. She told me. Johnnie, you need tender loving care. You are drunk most of the time. Not sleeping and working yourself to death. Somebody must stop you from running for near death.

I kissed the blue eyes girl and squeeze her tightly and told her. Ain’t no reason to save up time. Time is plentiful  for the man running to a dead-end. Some people want to live forever and some of us are trying to use up life. No guarantee tomorrow will come.

She gave me a look of sadness an disappointment. She brought my face close. Her beautiful blue eyes looked at me like a science experience. She told me. Ain’t…

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