Flowers of Love by Cindy Georgakas

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Flowers of Love

by Cindy Georgakas, Monthly Contributor

My heart raced,
skipped a beat
and then stood still,
with memories of you.

Flowers in the dead of winter,
blooming by the dozens,
Open to poetic passion.
Words drip from liquid cyanide
to gold.

The nightingale sings
as the sun washes over the horizon.
The hypnotic trance of fragrant petals
open, as song delivers sweetness,
where words are felt not heard.

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas at
The Unique Times all rights reserved

Gabriela Marie Milton
#1 Amazon Bestseller Author
Woman: Splendor and Sorrow :I Love Poems and Poetic Prose
Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings

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Ribbons and gold….


Ribbons and gold

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" With time we learn the real value of living. "

                   Ribbons and gold….

Once I plunged into work and making money.
I was led by the natural order of life.
Working till one day I was truly alone.

Ribbons and bows in a beautiful girl hair.
She dances by the Boeblingen lake
Her smiles are simple gifts to a lonely man.

She asked me my name? She wondered why I was sitting alone with the September
Festival alive and well.

I told her my name was Johnnie. Told her. I thought I held wealth and profit. I learn
too late the real value of life. I left things behind. I cannot find anymore.

She danced around me.
The sound of rock and roll music ringing in the distance.
She pulled me up and forced me to dance with her.

My face engulfed…

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Deeper and deeper we shall fall…


Deeper and deeper we shall fall

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Real proof of love. Holding on tighter in the bad days and celebrating the good days together "

                            Deeper and deeper we shall fall….

She looked at me with eyes of hope and she questioned me. If you want me. You must tell me so. I want to hear the sweet words of love every day, every hour. I want you to yearn for me when we are apart. Take me at will. Make me feel like your first need. The last need.

She brought me into her arms and whispered. Real lovers fall deeper and deeper. Allowing the darkness of the night to ascent two people into the place of no return. Burning desire of  flame can grow if the love is true and powerful.

I told her we are
Can you make me believe you…

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A thousand kisses deep…


 A thousand kisses deep….

The doors are locked and window block by the satin curtains.
We infuse our bodies freely and wildly.
We tossed the silk sheets upon the cold floor.
We are sharing sweet red wine and warm kisses.

Promises not made. Promises not broken.
We have fake face and real want.

I told you. Beautiful lady. You are too good to me.
Too kind to a traveler with no final destination.

Laughing eyes angels turned to me.
She whispered. Few people see us truly nude and free.
The irony of love is cold and love will find a deadly ending.
I know my sweetheart. We need to dance nude by the lights of the candles
and be a thousand kisses deep into the want of the heart.

I brought her near. I told her.

I love you. I love you.
I need you near.
Broken day bring…

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Delicate wings…


Delicate wings

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Some people are more tender than others "

                             Delicate wings….

Beautiful Liz. Allowed me in.
Her word and beauty memorized me.
Woman who strip down their true cover and show you what is
hidden beneath clothing and fear.
They are rare and delicate ladies.

Many skeletons for us to hide.
Few perfect people.
We are just flesh and bone trying to understand our life and journey.
All of us cling to thing lost and cannot be found.

First kiss, first love embrace and the first dance.
They are printed into our mind and heart.
It is a sad world dear Liz.
Hard to forget bad places and things.
I believe the hard places teach us to appreciate the good places today.

When I see you. I saw delicate wings struggling to fly.
I see beauty bursting out and I know.
You will be…

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Lost love


As I catch glimpses of the dying sun

it reminds me of the fire that died in your eyes

your eyes that had danced the horizon with me

I had seen my dreams in your sea green gaze

but then the music faded away

like the crashing surf, your going away

left my heart shattered in its wake

now I am engaged in a futile attempt

to piece together the jagged pieces of my heart

like a fool I expect the silent phone to ring

straining to hear your voice, searching

for new meanings in a relationship grown weary

the crumpled void in my eyes refuses to be filled

the starkness of night now my sole companion

we sit together singing dirges to my future.

This was written for dVerse poetics but I am attending my niece’s wedding, I couldn’t post it in time. Now sharing it at OLN

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Sunday Poser # 68

Keep it alive

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

How securityconscious are you?

My level of awareness about the security of my own self, my home, and my digital identity is quite high. Very often we hear of people being hacked or their identity stolen. I try my best to keep my passwords secure, and the details of my bank account private.

Nowadays many people try to trick us into sharing our information with them by pretending to be a representative of the bank. I’ve learned to distrust them and mostly my answer to them is a flat no when they want to talk about an offer or a special plan.

As far as physical security is concerned, I take it seriously too. I lock my doors as soon as I am home and at sunset, they are closed and locked for good.

How much security conscious…

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