Love Hate Love by Alice In Chains: Very Relatable!

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I was listening to one of my favourite bands, Alice In Chains, and the highly emotional track below stirred my thoughts. I watched the live performance (see bottom) and was blown away.

I immediately thought of the psychological struggle with my BPD/EUPD. My God. The lyrics in bold font burned into my mind. I certainly love, hate, love myself and want to be protected from myself by those who are close to me.

It’s a very challenging and confusing existence but on good days, I can feel really happy. This happiness will fluctuate throughout the day as my emotions continue to ride a perpetual rollercoaster. Up, down, straight and a wild loop-the-loop. Then erratically repeat.

Music helps me validate my own current emotional status. I tailor playlists to how I’m feeling and sing along. It’s actually a really helpful exercise, like a CBT technique.

Music and videogames. Can’t…

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