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Stay with me

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Rare times in a life we can find comfort with another. We need to hold on till the dream disappears. "

Stay with me…

 I sipped my coffee.
Watched the movement of the branches outside my bedroom.

 It was a stormy night.
Your beautiful nude body lays on the top of the blankets.

 I watched your movement. 
Nightmares seem to steal all your sweet dreams. 

Your body trembles and shake.
 I go to you.
I caressed your  beautiful face.

You wrapped your body around me.
I caressed your back and legs.
Roll my hand through your long blond hair.

I found you on the lake.
A beautiful Germany Summer day.

You walks by me and I could not forget your face.
Your sweet and gentle smile.

I found you againon a hot August day.
We became friends and then lovers.

I remember your long…

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Listen to the wind…


 Listen to the wind….

Find a valley where the kind wind can sing to you,

stand in an apple tree orchard,

touch an apple, taste the sweetness.

Gifts, wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

Go to the sea,

dance with the waves,

meditate with the ocean song,

great sea,

will sing the song of today, will sing the songs of yesterday.

Caress the soil,

just dirt to many,

hug a tree,

just wood for many.

Simple things as the trees and the earth.

Life begin and die with them.

We need the food and we need the clean air.

Human life,

7 billion plus.

Who is important and who is not?

The sky we share,

the earth we share,

the water we share,

who decide,

who live and who died?

Men are taking and stealing from kind Mother Nature.

One day, the greedy men shall learn.

Powerful nature will outlast men…

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Black roses…


Black roses

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Life is taking chances. "

                              Black roses…

Cynthia, eyes of stone with a cigarette in mouth. Whiskey breathe woman, looked me up and down, like a place of mystery. She asked me, what did you need soldier?

I smiled at her. When I looked at her, I saw poisonous snake and dangerous curves. I handed her a dozen black roses and a bottle of Black Velvet whiskey. I told her. Your heart is black as the night, your kiss was addicting and so damn sweet. Your lips, sweeter than the Fall Michigan honey.

She smiled at me and she whispered. Love is folly and sin, rarely pure and fine. Sacred and mystical places for kindred spirits. You and I. We are haste and waste. We love the whiskey more…

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