Handcuff Me

Southern Georgia Bunny

Yes, I’m alive!

Hello my beloved readers, I’ve missed all of you. I apologize for my three month delay. But between the holidays, being broke from the holidays, snow days, catching up at work from the holidays and snow days, and life in general I’ve been a busy Bunny. But here’s the good news, I still had time for a shenanigan or two.

After the New Year I had my girls over for a movie and wine night. Everyone is broke so movie and wine at home is cheap and comfy. We can all wear pajamas, not have to worry about drinking and driving, and eat whatever we like too! Even though we are all trying to lose weight after the holidays. We said fuck it! We had candy, popcorn, ice cream, pizza (gluten free of course), and several bottles of wine.

I lost the vote on the movie we…

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