Forget traditional publishing. There has always been a much better alternative!!!


Have We Had Help?


Well, lets consider for a moment…

Since Ernest Hemingway got his break when the enlightened owner of a small book shop published his first work, the concept of independent writing as opposed to the long preferred method of large publishing houses with their contract or book deal for a chosen few has always been with us, as has self-publishing which has been around forever – a fact not widly known!

Don’t for one minute confuse self-publishing with vanity press. The two are complete opposites. Self-publishing literally means what it implies. You write, prepare and publish your book using one of the platforms currently available like Amazon’sKindle Direct PublishingorSmashwords, to name just two of those currently available.

The term Indie, used today when talking about self-publishing, is only its latest identity in the twenty-first century. There is absolutely no doubt that Amazon and Smashwords freed up…

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Black Hole

Smith Shine Poetry

I awoke you with a kiss.

You revealed to me myself and handed
me my sword.

I burnt through like the raging sun.

You lit up the night like the harvest

Life began again with you.

So take my hand and lets dance on the
shoreline, in appreciation to the heavens.

I love you because you love His 
righteous ways.
You're the first letter and the final
full stop.

Poetry, Love, and meaning, still keeping
me alive.

Tell only truth, or into the black hole
we all dive.

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Snow Moon – February 2022

Rhapsody Bohème

Have you seen the full moon yet? As we look to the night sky tonight, we welcome February’s snow moon. Perhaps you have noticed a certain glow in the sky, and perhaps you have felt the intense energy that comes with most full moons. This one is no different as masculine Mars, God of war and feminine Venus, Goddess of love meet and amplify our feelings. Intense energy seems to be the theme song of 2022 so far and we are moving ahead at warp speed.

As I reflect back onto the week, the month, and even the year so far, I see many influences and potent, powerful energy that is emerging. Sometimes we are holding on to the seat of our pants it feels like but everything is going exactly as it must and we are being encouraged and reminded to trust the process. Too long have we laid…

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