Ride- I need a long highway and no-place to be.



True freedom my friend is dancing with the wind. Singing song till the morning light.
Knowing open highways and not being controlled by money and possessions.

I want the sea, the mountains and to taste freedom.
I have lost my way. Yesterday I put my feet than body into Lake Huron.
I realized I forgot who I was.

Today I’m locked-up and caged. I accepted the rules of profiteers and cold hearten people.
I must learn for the sake of my children. Can’t laid dead for liars and naysayers.

Ride to better places an thoughts my friend, to the open and free roads. Open locked door and swim in the deep sea and stand with grandchildren on cliffs watching the Hawks and eagles fly.

We are prisoners by poor decision.

Just ride with unknown destination. Find secret and quiet places. Touch the coldness of the water.
Embrace the trees…

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