Hope and pray – unconditional love – beyond infinity

Learning with Life

Hope and pray..
One wish constantly..
Never ever separate those..
Who love..
With lots of test and patience..
When anyone gets that..
Kind of love..
No norms, rules or even fate..
Should come in between..
Time as well timings..
To remain perfectly..
By their side..
How much the whole life..
Get impacted..
Of not only theirs..
But also for those they care deeply..

One of the biggest strengths..
Should never turn into..
Anyone weakness..
All either should understand..
Or leave it to them..
One of biggest virtue is to..
Let two souls remain together..
Who are meant to be..
Help them to unite..
Understands they are meant to be..
Understand even its hurting..
In the long run you will realise..
And will able to joint the dots..
That what happened was best..
Best for everyone..
Hope no one regrets that…

And one of the biggest sins
To stab…

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