Oh how the bourbon sings!

Thought puts callouses in the eye.

Thought allows enjoyment of a little boy or girls smile.

Thought ties together all your weaknesses.

Thought gives you the right to say no and it’ll all be fine.

Thought covers up untimely bald spots.

Thought is the world’s-pass to truly knowing what you want.

Thought takes time and is being away from people whenever you can.

Thought is effort and oftentimes not worth it at all.

Thought is delayed gratification for a ??? prize.

Thought is a movie you did not understand but cannot shake the image of.

Thought is a book no one you know has read.

Thought is untimely, unseemly and at first glance utterly insane.

Thought is not so much being correct all the time just less wrong more often.

No scratch that last point, thought is the minds carousel where sometimes you’re flung off and other times you jump…

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