Sir Nicholas Winton…

Come Hear The Story Of Sir Nicolaus Winton!!!


Sir Nicholas Winton

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" He is gone now and he left a example of what one man can do. He was asked why did he saved 669 Jewish children? He told one of the people he saved. He saw a problem and had to help. Thank you Sir Nicholas Winton. "

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                                    Sir Nicholas Winton….

In the mist of war. One man stopped his life.
He tried to save strangers. He brought 669 Jewish children to England.
He had to find money and families to adopt these children.

I heard him speak once. I saw regret he couldn’t save more.
His eyes still filled with sadness even when he was blessed with thousands
he had saved near, become of his wisdom and his heart.

I tell people. One person can create a wave of hope. One dream and concern
can save life. Thank you Sir Nicholas Winton.

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No shame in love…


No shame in love

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Love is everything. Everything is love. "

                        No shame in love….

(Received some motivation from Ben Jonson poetry)

I confessed to the lonely moon, how beautiful and magnificent you are.
I told the stars and the sky you have seized my heart and thoughts.
You beautiful smile had bewitched my life.

I dream of you when we are apart.
My fair maiden I feel I have fallen into a undeserved love.
I plead with open arms and heart.
You will accept me. My simple words to be my pledge of love for you forever.

Beautiful maiden whispered. There is no shame in love. My dear lover.
Our subdued love had me madly waiting for you to confirm the mercy of
the gift of love. Love is rare and precious. You have assured me often with kind
gifts of poetry and many…

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Trying to lose your memory…


Trying to lose your memory

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Some faces, some places. We cannot forget. "

                       Trying to lose your memory…

I tried to find peace and calm in the coffee houses of Monterey, drinking strong coffee and reading my dead-end poetry at the nightly poetry readings. I thought I was safe. 2500 miles from your memory. I sat in the Irish Taverns drinking the strong whiskey and heavy beer trying to erase your face from my heart and memory. Even the ocean beauty and power left me wishing to have you near and hear your voice again.

I left California. Landed in Reno. I played the tables and I drank the free drinks. There are beautiful woman near me. Auburn hair and blue eyes made me feel weak, brought back old nightmares of never knowing peace.

I left Reno and I went to New York city. I…

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My little one…



My little one

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" Don’t change for this world. Be who you are. We must like the person we see in the mirror "

                       My little one…

Love, Amie, love.
Five foot tall, hair of strawberry red.
Sweet smile that can steal your heart.

I have contemplated the sweetness of your kiss.
The warmth and safeness of your embrace.

Your unseen beauty had provoked silent wishes to a
decaying man.

My little one.
My secret celestial fire.
I hope you have descended to the melody of hope and calm.

The music of humanity is hard to know and grasp.

Beautiful Amie.
Please dance on quiet beaches and
sing songs to the sleeping Gods.
Please be the noble beauty you can be.

Coyote/John Castellenas

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Old friends

The Cheesesellers Wife

You cannot make new old friends

So take care to keep them to the end

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

This poem is written in response to Rebeccas February poetry challenge.

This month the poetic form is a pareado (from two, like pair). The pareado comes from traditional Spanish poetry for sayings and advice.

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