Best Friends

Sarah Doughty

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Here’s Day 9 of Fantasy Indies February:
MC’s Best Friend

There are many.

The Earthen Witch universe contains several sets of best friends throughout the series. The main series, beginning with Just Breathe begins with Aisling and her best friend, Angela. With the evolution of Aisling’s adventure, Connor and his best friend, the werewolf Shadow enter the tale.

As the journey progresses, however, readers see more of the deep friendship that’s shared between Liam and Jon. This relationship is given more attention during Listen and becomes more obvious as the series continues.


If you haven’t yet read Safe,
there are some spoilers ahead.

As Marcy enters the series in Stronger Than Blood, she seeks asylum within Liam’s home. During her first night, befriends a character many have not seen since Just Breathe.

Portraits via Artbreeder

Aisling & Angela (top & bottom middle)

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