Daily Prompt: Quote Me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

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I don’t often quote but when I do it is to make a point, or a quote says something way better than I ever could.  I love quoting C.S. Lewis,  Sylvia Plath and Stephen Chbosky mainly because I feel their spirits deeply when I read their words.  Quotes are short stories that nearly everyone can relate too.   Before I started blogging I used to tell one sentence stories all the time on my FaceBook account.  Quotes prove you don’t have to be wordy to inspire and motivate!  Here are a few of my favorites and then of course a poem this prompt inspired!  

“I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live…

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 Written by ThinkSpeakTryst and HastyWords

Like a string on a violin

I sit waiting for fingers

Magical enough to coax

A beautiful melody from me


I remember when she spoke

The first time I heard her voice

It was soft, it was instrumental

Her music vibrated from her


Caressing each delicate chord

With a determined passion

Drawing conclusions in the air

Of desire in the crisp night sky


Sounds of despair

Pierce through the air

With each aching breath of music

She quietly sings her song


A symphony soon erupts

Carried on sharp moonlit rays

Slicing through darkness

Inspiring a new work of art


Intrigued by her own

Musical creation of  her intimidated

Spirit speaking softly to her

As she breaks through the walls surrounding

Her soul


Then, just like it was

In the first moments she seduced

The strings of the violin…

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My poem voted as Publication of the Year(International) 2021 at Spillwords Press

The aspiring, we

Dear Readers,

I feel humbled and honored that my poem “ LA VIE EN ROSE” has been voted as the International Publication of the Year, 2021. I am extremely grateful to those who have voted for my poem.

I feel truly blessed to have such a recognition and the credit goes to the entire team of Spillwords Press for the support and the acceptance that my pieces have received. I have never written for purpose, yet, have created a purpose. I am happy to reach more and more people through my words.

Thank you!


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Solitude, Sandstorm, or: Young

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

This year, I am attempting to become active on Twitter after having created an account last year to post 365 micropoems. Among other things, this means I will be responding to Twitter poetry prompts. Initially, I wasn’t planning on x-posting those here, but then I realized: if I don’t save my Twitter poems elsewhere, I’ll never again be able to find all of them.

Of course, I have written and will write plenty more Twitter poems that I’m not especially attached to, but I don’t want to lose the ones that speak to me. Below, I’m sharing three recent senryus I’m fond of. Each was a response to a one-word prompt:


weary muse seeking
some solace in #solitude
slowly soldiers on


brown daytime skyline
Jerusalem's windows shut
eye-burning #sandstorm


I act #young at heart
laughing away challenges
but my clown face weeps

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