Reflection #11 :Compassion Over Self Righteousness

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Lately there is much division over various topics, it seems the more people think they know what is good for others, the more passive aggressive or outright aggressive attitudes take place masqueraded under the saying “because I care”. Anyone who tells you we are not facing division, hasn’t seen the number or people whose PTSD, depression and others are escalating; add to this the number of suicides–add to this the senseless fear of being misjudged or mistreated for expressing one’s opinion out loud (expressing not imposing).

Reflecting on this, I experience such sadness, for we forget everyone of us sees the world differently. Every single choice has ramifications; you may not see it that way because some choices may fit your preconceptions or beliefs; however, for those who may believe or think differently in various subjects, they can clearly see the ramifications of those choices…or so they too believe.


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