Blogging Insights # 5 – Positive posts

Keep it alive

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Today’s quote:

positive blog post quote

One small positive blog post in the morning can change your whole day.


I fully subscribe to this theory.

Being positive and spreading positivity is my goal as I don’t like to spew negativity. I agree that life is very difficult these days and things are very difficult for most people. If I want to write about the issues we all are facing these days, I have enough material to writehundreds of posts. But what would it achieve?

Everyone has enough problems of their own and are facing depression because of them. Negativity surrounds us almost everywhere and we can drown in this if we don’t try to find things to lift us up.

I write about life putting a positive tilt to it. A poem or a post with a positive message does good for my morale and…

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The stormy sea…


The Stormy Sea

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

" When dreams die. We have no reason or purpose. Need to keep hope and love alive. "

                        The stormy sea…

The beauty of the Monterey Bay.
Leave us feeling peaceful and thankful.

The Poets read at the Pacific Grove coffee shop tonight.
The 20 or so people enjoy hearing the words of the Poet’s
willing to share their words.

Six Poets old and young after the reading share some wine
and beer on the cliffs of Pacific Groves.

The cliffs are amazing.
Can see for miles the powerful Pacific Ocean.
In the daytime.
Whales swim by in the distance.

I’m 34 years old.
I feel like a century in age.
Young girls sit at my feet.
She read poetry of suicide and cutting.
I read my poetry of my brothers,
killed by their own hands.

She is holding my hand.
Tells me life has…

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Random musings


Sharing a few couplets which I originally wrote in Hindi then translated in English. I have also written the Hindi couplets in English for those blogger friends who can understand Hindi but can’t read the script.

When we drifted apart
you took with you, my my-ness

The eyes shed no tears
but my heart is experiencing dampness

Before you came into my life
my partner was loneliness

The trespassers of the past
drowned in the tears’ wetness

Every time after writing a new poem
I could only see in it staleness

Fingers trace patterns of love on the back
and the heart flips with happiness

Dew drenched buds were adorned with
red dawn’s prismatic-ness

Spring had graciously covered with its colours
winter’s barren nakedness.

तुम क्या दूर हुए मुझसे
तुम ले गए मुझसे मेरापन

आँखों में अश्क नही हैं
लेकिन दिल में है गीलापन

तुम्हारे आने से पहले
मेरा हमसाया…

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Endless Want

Source of Inspiration


The feast has ended
all are full and satisfied
can’t imagine ever wanting
to eat again
yet before many hours pass
we creep into the kitchen
to have one more piece of pie
and the cycle starts again.

Food, clothes, money, sex
power–we crave, seek
and find, gorgin until
the want is gone, ’til
we are satisfied.
Yet all too soon our masters
call in whispers turning to shouts
“more, give me more!”
and the cycle starts again.

Is this all there is to life
filling the bottomless well
only to want again?
What will it take
to be satisfied,
content with what
we have? To be free
of this empty longing?
What miracle can
bring peace
that finally sets us free?

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