Come away with me…


Come away with me

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Love need quiet, love need reminders."

Come away with me….

We loved the cigarettes, the Johnnie Walker and the good songs.

You were North Dakota born, now California blessed.

I would massage your wanting skin every night and I whispered poetry to you.

“We murdered love and we wanted more.

We danced on the Monterey bay beach and we tried to touch the stars, the moon.

We were careless children, loving the sea and the Johnnie walker.

I told you. You are the bravest lady I ever known.

You make me believe,

I can be someone more, something better.

You are my ambrosia kiss,

the sweetest nectar I ever tasted.

You make love so sweet, so kind.”

You laughed at my words and you whispered.

Please come away with me,

let’s find the seven seas and touch with our bare feet,

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Open the door dear lover…


Open the door my dear lover….

I told the bartender at the Downtown Austin tavern, I was born sick. My mind twisted and wrong. I was born poor and now I have enough. I have  been a dancer, I have been a taker. I have tasted love and I known hate. I made people bleed and I have bleed for things gone. I have lost and found God often. I was the soldier who learn to pray when the guns were a-brazing. I met the Devil here in Austin once. He bought the Scottish whiskey and he taught me the liar’s song.

“The liar’s song…
The prettiest gal in Austin whispered to me, Come and get it baby, the night is long, lonely and the bed is cold alone.
She had ginger hair, black dress and eyes of green. I told her, love demand payment. How much will you take? Steal?

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Loving touches

Keep it alive

Gently she touches her
A tiny little hand grips
Her finger in an unexpectedly strong grip

She is tired
In fact, exhausted
But it doesn’t matter
When her baby looks at her and smiles

Loving caresses
Her love conveyed
By touching her darling
Nothing is greater than a mother’s Love


Written for;

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Caress – February 1, 2022



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