Things I’ve Learned In The Past Year

Sara Flower Kjeldsen Writes

It’s good to reflect on what you’ve learned over the past year or so. Here’s 10 things I’ve realized/recognized over the past year particularly. I think deep down I was aware of these lessons long ago, but sometimes they really need to sink in from experience before you fully grasp them.

I’m goal oriented. I feel more content when I’m setting and reaching new goals. Blogging helps hit this concept home as it involves a lot of planning, scheduling, and goal setting. It scratches that itch I need to reach targets I set for myself. I’ve also noticed I do better at my paid full time job when there’s tangible targets set. I like being able to check things off as I complete them. Maybe I should start writing to-do lists!

I needed to improve my boundaries. I’ve become a lot better at setting and maintaining boundaries, particularly in the…

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