January 30th, 2022 – Preparation!

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It’s one of the jobs of a parent to prepare the children to face the world on their own. Some are wise and are well prepared in the rites of parenthood and do this job well. While others due to a lack of forethought or awareness fail at this important job.

I became a mom at the age of 24. Not very young you can say. But unfortunately, having lost my own mother at a young age, I didn’t know much about being a mother. It was a learning on the job. I am sorry to say that I wasn’t a very well prepared parent. I made many mistakes and it is with pride that I say that all my three children are better parents than I was.

It is so easy to become a parent and it is the hardest job on the earth. They should have a teaching…

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Sunday Poser # 65

Come and Read this from Sadje!

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Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

My question this week is;

How influenced are you by advertising?

As time has passed and I have become wiser ( hopefully) I don’t pay much attention to ads. But even now there are certain adverts that when seen at a vulnerable time can make me open the online store and try to buy that thing!

When I was younger, telemarketing always fascinated me. I still have many useless things bought by watching an advertisement. Though some things are useful like the special vitamin preparation for the vision (Preser-Vision) that I got which my optician later recommended for my age-related macular degeneration. But the rest is just a constant source of irritation.

What are your views about the advertisements constantly shown on tv or splashed across the websites we visit, including Facebook, etc?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you…

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WDYS # 118 -A Roundup post

Come Enjoy The Round-up!

Keep it alive

Reality is apparent, staring us in the face
Hopes and dreams are wrapped in a rosy hue
What to choose, which way to opt for?
A question we have to answer at one point or another
Keep the dream alive even when you’re battling the reality
For it is good to have something beautiful to imagine
When we are surrounded by the struggles of life

Great response again this week in response to this image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our lovely participants.

Punam; Those were the times

Chris Hall; Dying embers

Lady Lee Manila; We filter our way to the world

Reena; Power statement

Lady sigh’s; Visions of wonder

Maria; What I see, what you see

Keith; The latest thing

Di; Through rose colored glasses

Radhika; Will we see a better tomorrow

Regina; Loving others makes this world beautiful

Jules; Limited awareness


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Words, or: Attention

The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱

Poetry Partners #43

‘Words’, a prose poem by enchantedwords of ‘Enchanted Words’

I feel this anger, and the resent and bitterness. And happiness. And depression. I feel life too, just like the masters of word do.

But I want to crystallize my feelings in art, make them eternal through beauty, make them as eternal as beauty.

I want to paint them out so grand, that my mind is pushed to feel more to make me feel wider spectrums of emotion, just so it can see them materialized in words of honey and cinnamon, to see it etched in silver and platinum, to hear it in the desolate ballads and sunny anthems.

How do I pour my diamonds into this mould of alphabet, in such a way that they become a prism unique, a cry unheard and a calamity unforeseen?

How do I make my words the ruthless storm that tears…

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Sentimentality for the sentiments

Of time of love of demise within us

Precocious levels of fortitude or not

What lies beneath the gifts of dust

To hold on to, to pass down, 

A memory of connected energy

You choose to keep it or get rid of

One of those gifts is not always a sentimental jest 

What is sentimental to one may not be for another

Something to hold whether value or not

Be it meaningful with history or heart

When you leave this earth 

There is only one ongoing sentimental gift


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Things I’ve Learned In The Past Year

Sara Flower Kjeldsen Writes

It’s good to reflect on what you’ve learned over the past year or so. Here’s 10 things I’ve realized/recognized over the past year particularly. I think deep down I was aware of these lessons long ago, but sometimes they really need to sink in from experience before you fully grasp them.

I’m goal oriented. I feel more content when I’m setting and reaching new goals. Blogging helps hit this concept home as it involves a lot of planning, scheduling, and goal setting. It scratches that itch I need to reach targets I set for myself. I’ve also noticed I do better at my paid full time job when there’s tangible targets set. I like being able to check things off as I complete them. Maybe I should start writing to-do lists!

I needed to improve my boundaries. I’ve become a lot better at setting and maintaining boundaries, particularly in the…

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