What hurts the most

Love, Life, Broken

What hurts the most is seeing the change.
Questioning who you are now.
Wanting the old you back.
Doubting myself.
The shock of, my every day, my best friend, my loving partner
To this cold, distant, uncaring person.
To be left on seen.
To be ignored.
To have all the love and care disappear.
From everything to nothing.
From my person, I told everything, to the person who now knows nothing.
From the person who checked in on me to the person who didn’t ask me how I have been.
From all-night calls to unanswered phone calls.
From being the one who soothed me to being my biggest trigger.
From feeling safe to feeling so violated.
From trust.
From feeling so loved to feel like I was nothing.
To feeling so empty, so alone.
So much love and happiness to unbearable heartbreak.
From feeling like you understood me to feel…

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