How they crush your heart.

Love, Life, Broken

It’s so easy to be everything to someone—for a little while, at least. Do you want to be their one and only? Do you want to hold their heart in your hand, until you grow bored and decide to crush it? It’s simple, it really is. An emotionally-stunted halfwit could figure it out, which is why so many of them do.

When it happens to you, you wonder how they made it happen. You wonder where the magical soulmate went—the person who knew you better than you know yourself, who somehow anticipated your every need, who finished you the way nobody ever knew how.

You wonder how you could have been so stupid. How it could have taken you so long to see.

Well, here’s how.
You have many secrets. Most are the ones you hold, and keep secure from others. But a couple are secrets which you don’t know, and everybody else does…

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