Emotionally Triggered

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Excellent article called, How to Find Balance When You’re Emotionally Triggered , about how to work through those emotions and successfully move forward!!! A for certain, must read!!!

First step to preventing is identifying your Cause!!

This is HUGE!! It may be the most uncomfortable part of the process… because a cause means pain, hurt, embarrassment, suppression, memories… lots of dark and dark junk inside you that’s still… STILL affecting your life, mind, and relationships.

Take some time, as much as you need… and identify what triggers you into anxiety? Depression? Manic Bipolar Spells? Seizures? As you begin breaking down the tangled web, you’ll realize it doesn’t look so scary… because there are actual answers and solutions. There are actual tangible goals that CAN be accomplished in achieving a healthier you.

I want to encourage you to write your journey down! Please don’t feel obligated to share it with anyone…

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