The whiskey and the beer song…


The whiskey and the beer song.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Easy to hide in the wrong things."  

                        The whiskey and the beer song…

A whiskey and a beer was the song we sang to each other.

We found each other hiding in a corner in a dark Austin tavern. We fell together.

Not to celebrate life but to celebrate death.

She told me. “I was a beauty once and many desire my attention.”

I kissed her whiskey soaked lips. Told her. ” Beauty is one more bloody thing to blind us from the truth.

Now we are ugly with disappointment. It don’t matter, beauty isn’t what we need now.”

I ordered a pint of good English lager and a double shot of Jack Daniels.

We sat together daily. Two strangers with no place to go. Somehow misery bring two angry people together.

Somehow we become one for…

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