Death, or: Beyondering

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A golden shovel in blank verse


I don’t know what happens after death but I’ll have to chance it.

Desert Snow, Jim Harrison (1937 – 2016)

Left alone to my own devices, I
oft ponder beyondering, though I don't
dare wander past the edges of we-know
before twilight. O, Sun, I wonder what,
while watching you fade away, what happens
~ in the perpetual darkness after,
though even you haven't seen your own death.
None will be for your final flickers, but
a handful shall heap grief whe(r/n)ever I'll
no-longer, marking time, as bodies have
since first being. So, while you'll return to
dawn again, I won't be watching, my chance
a once-dream, like my father's before it.

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