A Life-Changing Spinal Cord Stimulator For Severe Pain

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My clever remote control

The Incident

In 1996 I suffered an arterio-venous malformation rupture (see HERE) and amongst the bewildering experience I had to undergo two femoral angiograms. Amazing procedure but vile to have! Unfortunately the second one carried out to check the surgery was a success ended up in a disaster: the angiography needle that the catheter was fed through punctured my femoral nerve. The pain was indescribable, an electric shock followed by akin to severe stomach cramps/menstrual pain but affecting my whole right leg from groin to foot. Off the scale.

To cut a years long story short, I was constantly in and out of Accident and Emergency and a stream of ward admissions to give me respite from the pain using high dose oxycodone, gabapentin, ketamine, fentanyl and epidurals to try and relieve some of the extreme agony. But nothing worked long-term except a general anaesthetic!…

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