Gratitude #1

Source of Inspiration

black and white1

Photos of
black and white
grey shades
no color
reveal a stark reality
that makes one stop
what the world
would be like
without color
just harsh “reality”

No sunsets
Monet lilies
birds singing
children laughing
on summer eve

Today I am grateful
for colors in my world
I take for granted
most days

Each day I will
find one reason
to be filled
with gratitude
something I’ve had
all along
but was too indifferent
to notice
too busy with nothing
for these precious
gifts along the way

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Quiet Desperation

Please Read This from Pat!!

Source of Inspiration

child grave

She was being normal
shoes polished
cooking meals
doing what she was
expected to do

Car pools
mashed potatoes
on a Saturday night

Normal, so very normal
until one day
she ends it all
with a bullet
while the kids were at school

But why? everyone cried.
I had no idea, said her husband.
Her mother placed a flower
on her grave
each wondering how they
had failed to know
her desperation
in a world gone mad
pretending to be normal.

More than 40 years ago
I heard this sad story
on the news.
I never forgot this woman.
How can we live together so
intimately yet be so
unaware of how another feels?

Let’s pay attention, friends, to
another’s pain; sit and listen when
they speak…care, share, love them
with open eyes and heart.

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Lonesome (a quadrille)


All alone, with my eyes closed
I sense you quietly coming
and sitting across
I can feel your bourbon eyes
intense with passion
resting on me.

Startled, I open my eyes
a curtain flutters,
the cold draught makes me shiver
and my lips quiver.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Merril, says: Use shiver–or some form of the word—in a poem of exactly 44 words. The form is up to you. Shiver in rhyme, or shiver in free verse. Shiver in the past, present, or future

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