A poem

By Briton Underwood



I yearn to find a home in your thoughts

Let me nestle cozily next to your subconscious

Like a dream you can’t remember

But leaves a smile on your face all day

I don’t want you to quite figure me out

Like the words to a song you never get right

But enjoy nonetheless

I want to be your favorite little enigma

A puzzle you consistently try to solve

I want you unnerved and persistent

Chasing me like a mirage

I am there just slightly out of reach

I need you hungry and wanting

Looking to me to feast

I want you never sated

So you will never leave

Written By Briton Underwood

Briton “Punk Rock Papa” Underwood is a proud Parent, Writer and Original Bunker Punk. His passion for writing is second only to his passion for parenting. Co-founder of the Original Bunker…

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Visiting my used to be


Once in a while those halcyon days
with an echo call out from the years
and with whimsy in hand I'll visit those days
of my formative smiles and my tears
I'll see in mind's eye with clarity there
the memories of what was once me
and though I still am and proud of the fact
it's nice to see my used to be


Photo – Me & Mrs C punting at Oxford, UK – circa 1979

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Love, Life, Broken

Such a beautiful girl with so much sadness in her eyes. You have no idea what she’s been through.

What kind of struggles she’s endured. Or the pain she keeps buried deep inside. She doesn’t need you to fix her, she needs understanding, warmth, kindness.

She just needs time to heal and you’ll want to be there when she does because when she shines… there’s nothing else quite like it.

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Are narcissists boring?

Love, Life, Broken

Narcissists are not capable of engaging in fun activities for long periods of time. They can only create the illusion that they are fun and interesting. Their idea of fun is usually to take you to a movie. Something that will distract you from their dull personalities. Because they already know that if you were to sit down with them with no distractions, you would quickly realize how dull and boring they really are. There would be nothing to talk about. You would have nothing in common with them. You would realize that they’re not really about anything.

They have no passions, interests or ambitions. There’s nothing that makes them tick. There’s nothing that drives them. There’s no heart or soul. And actually the reason why they targeted you, is because they don’t have any of that. They targeted you, because they realized that you have everything that they are…

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Wonderful World

Source of Inspiration

I see skies so blue
that it makes my heart sing
joining the chorus
of birds in the trees

Flowers blanket meadows
rainbows in streams
butterflies of joy
snow-capped mountains
what a wonderful world

I see people laughing
sharing, loving
puppies playing
toddlers, too
star-filled nights
firelight romance
and I say to myself,
“What a Wonderful World.”

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