5 things that I need to remember this year

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Keep it alive

This week Dr. Tanya has asked us to list 5 things that we need to repeat to ourselves this year;


Life is too uncertain to take anything for granted;

Take each day as it comes. Find joy in every day and try to wake up in the morning with hope in your heart.

Staying safe is always the better option that being comfortable;

I get it that Covid protocols are tedious, uncomfortable and at times tiring but this is still a better option than falling sick.

One can always find ways to have fun at home without the necessity of going out;

Try to be innovative and make staying at home fun. Reading, watching movies, tv shows, blogging, going for walks, calling friends and family….. the list is endless.

Online shopping is there for a reason, use it and don’t take risks;

No need to venture out…

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