Vindicating Sensuality & Sexuality

Beneath The Layers

For centuries various religious institutions or patriarchal moral dogmas have diminished the beauty and power of sexuality, reducing it to pornographic animal lust or for reproduction alone; in other words, when it comes to sexuality stagnant dogmas have reduced human beings to basic animals– they are either to exploit themselves and others or they feel the pressure to reproduce because it is expected vs. desiring it.

Sexuality involves more than just the goal of another mediocre orgasm or the gestation of another human being; to bring a child to the world is something precious and a great responsibility, which should not be dictated by dogma. Old patriarchal dogmas and false rebellion (those who think by abusing their bodies are honoring the Goddess within and sticking it to the old dogma) have done nothing but take the mind and spirit of people from one extreme to another. On the one hand…

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