The Harbour

Smith Shine Poetry

They decide to take one last walk around the harbour. Many thoughts clogging both their minds keeping them silent to each other. Their hands tightly graspsed so tightly, the diamond ring that he bought her begins to pierce his finger, he dare not loosen his grip, he never wants to let her go. They look out passed the calm green waters. The wind blowing the air straight towards them, they smell the sea and taste the salt. With yesterdays news at the forefront of his mind he sighs, knowing he will miss this beautiful sight, but not nearly as much as her and all her ways. The seagulls circle the trawler, singing with excitment. A scurrying crab distracts and his eyes follow noticing the boats coming in. Just behind the rocks where they first kissed. A lonely tear rolls down his face. He looks to the heavens and pleads for…

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