Intense Soul

Come and Enjoy this from Sofia!!!

Beneath The Layers

**Rough Copy They look at me with fear Others mock me and call me weird Their jealousy I can sense Because I live my life in a unique way With fire in my spirit Sacred blood in my veins They cannot understand So they call me "Intense" Defiantly I look back and say "Yes, I am intense" "I make no apologies" "There won't be regrets" Intense like the purest of Arabian Coffee Intense in its aroma Intense in its taste Intense like the densest of fogs Intense like the darkest of nights Intense like the hot sun Intense like spring after it unveils Intense is my mind Intense is my soul Intense is my body Intense is my song Intense are my eyes Intense are my words My passions My feelings My reasoning My all I feel intensely life's delirium Its divinity covers my whole being Complex as the rarest…

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