Ode to the Thesaurus

Roth Poetry

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What good is the clamour of words thrown out to impress
or the bellow of the clanging gong or tinkling symbol
sounding out of tune with the orchestra’s flow?
Some may think me elementary or naive
to avoid these honeyed poetics, thinking these embellishments
make one sound like a tempestuous wordsmith pounding out
words hot off the anvil of a thesaurus, full of absurdities.
No, for me I prefer the simple words of the common man
to the dribble of gibberish filling up empty lines yet saying nothing.
Give me words with tonal resonance that embellish the soul
Raising my spirit or challenging my thoughts, elevating me
to a level of poetic ecstasy… without abstract distraction.


Laura at d’Verse, shared that Tuesday was National Thesaurus Day. Many writers and poets love to use it to embellish their work! She asked us to:

Write a SOUND POEM which includes AT…

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