5 Good Minutes

Come and enjoy this!!!

Rhymes, Writings, and Confessions to Small Crimes

5 Good Minutes

Snuggled up close, Rosie and her youngest son sank in deep beneath the fluffy, pastel down comforter. Though she was asleep, in this moment, Rosie was grateful to have dodged insomnia.

DAHN! DAHN! DAHN! Rosie turns over. Being quite used to experiencing rather vivid dreams Rosie assumed the sounds where part of a dream. Half expecting the banging to stop she snuggled in deeper, pulling her youngin’ in a bit closer. Even as she laid there she tried to make mental note of the deep affection of love that she harnessed. These particular “Mom Moments” can be rare sometimes.

DAHN, DAHN, DAHN, DAHN, DAHN! The banging was real! DAHN, DAHN, DAHN, DAHN, DAHN! “What time is it?” Rosie asked herself. The clock showed 11:30 PM. DAHN, DAHN, DAHN! The sound seemed to move, and it was closer and louder. Immediately, the reality of the life and people…

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