Reflection #3

Come and Enjoy!!!

Beneath The Layers

I have been asked, why sometimes I used some of my own photographs with my writings; am I not afraid to be looked down upon? My answer is simple; I know who I am–my head isn’t empty and my soul although imperfect isn’t corrupted, so why should I feel ashamed of sensuality when true sensuality is part of our very fabric?

Sensuality isn’t cheap pornography, it isn’t “girls gone wild”, thinking they are somehow rebelling against and old paradigm yet bringing forth the same old result…control and oppression.

I sometimes use some of my own older and recent photos on my posts because I am proud of them and what they evoke. As a tantric and true rebel, I don’t seek to hide from my sensuality nor do I seek to abuse it. Pornography is cheap and demeaning while sensuality is pure desire; a gift from life to all…

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