Personal Best by Richard Charles Stevens

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Artwork by Karol Bąk

But not beyond repair
No question
No promise of fix
Yet no need to recede to feed despair

I’ve been there
At the brink
Within the realm of self-damnation
Know well of the hell we face
When placed in isolation
Misery loves company
For pillory and plunder
Pummelling our running theme and slimming sense of wonder
Drumming into us
That we are worthless
Merely surplus
Clearly on the blink and deemed unfit to serve our purpose
Counting curses
Less so blessing
Merging burden with depression
Playing versus with progression
As it further hurts us
Dressing down
Profound belief our dreams indeed resurface
With dispossession beckoning
The stillness of our reckoning
Suggests our best defence is to confess we’re less than zero
Just another weeping willow down on luck
Dumbstruck and stuck on Skid Row
Too weary for the skip rope
Eerie theory courting…

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