Calling Tomorrow’s by Richard Charles Stevens

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“Once we weather this storm will we find our true form?”

This beautiful poem which I perceive to be about hope and the rebuilding of much during life’s many difficult times. I love how Richard has used a favourite song of mine by Marianne Faithfull (see audio below). I fell in love with the medieval sounding song when I breathed it in from my late uncle George’s copy of her debut 1965 album. The joy of poetry is how each reader can interpret the words to fit their own experiences.

First appeared on Rivers of Grue HERE

And I wonder when all is said and done
What will the future be?
Will communities grow from the grass roots?
All class groups be in the same classroom together?
Once we weather this storm, will we find our true form?
Will we spill forth in droves to run free through the…

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