The Coyote and the Raven dance…


The Coyote and Raven dance…

The Coyote was dancing for the half-moon,

he moved and weaved into the deep forest and he knew.

His beautiful friend was watching him celebrate the night.

The shapeshifter moon allowed the real faces to appear.

The darkest and blackest raven watched from the willow tree.

Maybe the raven needed to dance with the coyote, he hoped.

He told the moon, thank you for the half-moon night and

the star above. He saw the dark hair beauty walking toward him.

She moved softly on the forest surface,

her pale skin and softest brown eyes, stole his eyes.

He asked her. Can I dance with you? Can I kiss your beautiful tattoo.

Can we fall in love again?

He heard the nightingale song and he sang a song.

“Love be sweet, love be bold.

Lovers never ask, just fall into the dance of love.

Without regret”.

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