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The lament of letting people, precious or otherwise, down—humanity’s consistent occurrence. In pain, we continue to pass on agony, and alone we grieve.

Anguish by Sadje

A sharp pain I felt
Like a dagger plunged
Deep into my heart
The anguish, the agony unbearable
I teetered, held out my hand for support
It met empty air………

There was no one there
To hold my hand, to console
This aloneness has taught me a lot
A valuable lesson to rely
Only on myself and myself alone
The pain still hurts sometimes
But the anguish has died down
My courage has lulled it to sleep

What have we done? by David Guerrieri

I am not quite sure exactly what
Someparentsexpect of their children
In terms of success and failure
Because of courseeach individualis unique
In their own belief system developed through life
Though I do know exactly what

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