I live you baby…


I live you Baby….

I told my lover, never regret anything that can make you smile.

I told her, come hither, come closer.

I told her as we slow danced to the warmest jazz,

you take me there, you take me every where.

I need your kiss, I need you skin against my skin

I want you nude and in sexy silky stockings.

You tempt me with your song and those wanting eyes.

I want to touch you from feet to beautiful face.

I want us to know the splendor of spiritual passion,

where lovers dance seeking pleasure, not payment.

I want endless nights and to make love at noon.

I live you baby; you make the sleeping man come alive.

You are my ambrosia, my sweetest muse.


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Hot damn…


 Hot damn….

Prettiest woman in the dance hall, looked at me and shared her enticing smile. I inventoried her long legs and her tight black dress. She was a wild orchid in the smoked filled bar.

Her face, gentle and so sweet, made me wish for the dance of the gin and the sin. She was ambrosia in the mist of the whiskey and the chaos. I knew she was folly and careless angel.

When you kiss a siren, when you want a siren, no way back to safety, no way back to sanity.
She was walking toward me, her long ginger hair moving with her hips, legs and shoulders. I loved her demanding coffee brown eyes and her sweet smile.

She touched my shoulder and she whispered. A soldier drinking alone, Austin city, biggest sin. Dark is the night and when we seek the whiskey only. We can’t know sacred…

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Ready or not – our lessons are waiting

Rhapsody Bohème

Ready or not, life often finds a way whether we believe that we are ready or whether we believe that we don’t. I am still pondering, engaged in a recollective mode, processing this year we just left behind. It feels as if we left it behind on the calendar that dictates that a new year has started, but in actuality I believe that the past year was a year like no other. I believe that there wasn’t a soul left untouched in same shape or form, and it appears that we all experienced the impacts of it on our lives. Perhaps we will never be the same, the same we once were before 2021 marked it’s time. There are so many aspects to the year, so many life experiences, lifestyle changes and lessons that all fell within those 12 months. At least they did for me and it’s only from…

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Happiness IS

Words Flow

A short poem for my beautiful wife.

Happiness Is

Happiness is being together

Knowing it is forever

Happiness is holding you in an embrace

And how it makes my heart race

Happiness is your tender kiss

And how it brings such bliss

Happiness is Holding your hand

As together we stand

Happiness is knowing you love me true

Happiness is being with you

© Chris Chonos

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