Picture of a Perfect Dream

Kim V. Poetry

Even in the darkness,
I would know your face.

Every curve
Every line
Every angle
Every dip.

I would know you
From the farthest reaches
Of the Earth.
From every blade of grass
To the deepest of oceans.

Because you are apart of me.
An intrinsic piece of my soul.

You are a mirror image
Of my heart and
And every beat

Your vision,
Clear and true,
Is like mine.
Seeing the future
Through the lense of
The wayward past.

Your blood,
Is like mine,
And sings at the
Mere thought
Of our eternal love.

Oh, how I long for you
And the days
When I could feel
Your fingertips trail
Down my cheek.

I long for you
And the nights,
Where we’d lie
In each other’s
Arms and whisper our secrets
To the Heavens.

I long for you
And the stories we’ve shared
And the nights when we…

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