Come one of her sporadic visitations, Mère Serendipity shares in abundance all that is fortuitous, especially so toward the underprivileged. Mind you, you have to have fate on your side as her charitable stopovers are few and far between. Such was the good fortune of blind Charly and silent Trixibelle.

You see, in the beginning the pair had met one another by accidental chance in the middle of the traffic ridden Highway to Hell. At the time, Charly was escaping the abominable white racists who had blinded him for no other reason than the sake of blinding, hence depriving him of all vision. Not that she knew of his eternal dark fate at the time, upon spotting his desperate plight amid a brotherhood of thundering juggernauts a pure white Trixibelle rescued the poor man; dragged him off the thoroughfare on to the concrete pavement. Though he never got his sight…

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