SoCS & JusJoJan the 8th – In the …

In the attempt to do all the things today, I still missed the thing that is blogging.

Until now, but it’s officially Sunday, and no longer today.

Today meaning Saturday … it is no longer.

I almost forgot to schedule the prompt for tomorrow!

Which is technically today.

Because today is Sunday, and today will have a new prompt.

Which I almost forgot.

In the attempt to blog today (which is not today) it seems I have forgotten how words work.

For this is a very odd post indeed.

And forgetting how words work on a day that I am sure is not today but tomorrow, is par for the course.

Because as you know, I am the one who asks …

What day is it anyway?

Most days.

Okay, kids are calling me.

Good night!


This odd post is brought to you by SoCS and Just Jot it…

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