A Little Whisper

Kim V. Poetry

It begins where all stories begin.
With a thought.
A hopeful idea.
A little whisper after the moon rises.

But as the clock ticks
And the hours fly by,
The whisper becomes a voice,
So clear,
So rich,
So true.

It tells me of things I want to hear.
Things I’ve fantasized about.
Things I’ve asked the moon for.

It tells me of you.

The voice in the dark,
Cutting through my shame.
The voice in the shadows,
Breaking and fixing my heart all
Over again.
The voice in the background of
Every poem I write,
Reminding me of better days.

Better days when your laugh
Shook the Earth.
When your smile brightened my
Worst nights.
Better days when your fingertips
Caressing my cheek,
Was all the medicine that I needed.

Oh, how I miss the days where I
Could kiss your lips
And breathe in your memories.
I miss…

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