#Haibun: New Beginnings

Charmed Chaos

Old growth Cactus at sunrise- Phoenix, AZ

Christmas and New Year’s Day came and went without any raucous festivities. No holiday parties, no Feast of the Seven Fishes, no gluttonous eating or over-imbibing. After over a year of unexpected health issues, taking a breath and awaking each morning are pure joy.

The human body’s capacity to heal and regenerate is an incredible miracle. I regret I did not take better care of myself when I was younger but my cancer scare changed all that. I am comfortable in my aging skin and with it comes an humble wisdom as I savor every moment. This is my year to rejoice and embrace all my life with a fierceness born from facing my own mortality. A brilliant sunrise, a new moon, cold raindrops on my face; delightful celebrations of life.

brilliant rays of sun
peeking through ancient mesquite-
grey mockingbird sings his…

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