Thursday Thoughts About Writing (on Sunday): Goals!

Steps In Between

Who needs a little encouragement to start off the new year ahead? I do…did! Every year I reassess where I’ve been, how I’ve grown, and then set new goals for the year ahead. Here are the 3 easy steps that keep me focused during New Year’s Resolution time:

  1. Reflect
  2. Celebrate (don’t skip this step)
  3. Plan

I made this quick new year’s post for my Instagram account last Thursday. Here’s where you can find the original post, and thought it might be nice to share in this space.

As you can see in my short and sweet Instagram post above, I actually listed my accomplishments for the year 2021 to REFLECT. Regardless of how much a writer or creative achieves isn’t everything. It’s also important to realize the tiniest steps taken that may have helped along the way. This is purely a time for reflection and analysis. Were goals set…

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